Metro Atlanta’s First Agile Lab For Creators and Projects


SeedWorks is Metro Atlanta’s first Agile Lab for Creators. It is open to creators at any stage, but is ideal for mid-to-advanced-career artists with unfinished projects that need support to move over a hump or level up. SeedWorks is not set up for showcasing finished or near-finished work, but work that could benefit from a deeper dive. The program is designed to be self-directed, offering facilitation and support where and when needed. Through SeedWorks, artists hone in on the depth of their projects, develop connections and resources, and create a roadmap toward a Proof of Concept. 

As artists ourselves, the goal of the SeedWorks program is to focus on elevating individual artists to shore up our creative class and our content and to measurably contribute to a sustainable arts ecosystem in Atlanta.  

The 2019 Alpha Round of SeedWorks (our 3rd test round) has completed, culminating in an Artist + Investor Summit. Free and open to the public, the summit included a variety of showcases and development opportunities from artists in all disciplines, including music, media, visual arts and more. 

For the Alpha Round—a micro version of the program and our own Proof of Concept—all fees were waived. Following our official launch in our new College Park hub, access to SeedWorks programming and resources will be based on a sliding scale, with subsidy opportunities available.


Do you have a project you’d like to develop within an artistic community? Are you an investor that would like access to a menu of diverse intellectual properties? Reach out to us at

SeedWorks offerings begin November 4th, 2019. 

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Since 1997, award-winning PushPush Film & Theater has created a unique and prolific reputation for developing program and content with global appeal. To help improve the balance of Georgia’s creative development and local investment, the SeedWorks program was built over a 3-year phase of R&D supported by several NEA grants. The program coalesces PushPush’s extensive resources into a new lab for cultural innovation. The purpose of the program is to expand a new process for robust, inclusive incubation and project acceleration that supports creatives with opportunities and a path toward sustainability. Our vision is to become a sustainable ecosystem of creators and cultural investors recognized for quality and innovation.



We are excited to announce that we have been awarded funding to develop green space here at the UMC campus to create what we call the “INFINITE GAMES ART PARK.” 

Infinite games are the activities that come naturally to human beings: playing tag and make-believe. Making rules and challenging ourselves to play together. Through the generous support of ESPN’s Replay Program, we are beginning the planning process that will lead to a new park in the center of College Park. An outdoor music and performance venue, a multi-use sports field, and welcoming green space to gather with community friends and family. Planning begins in autumn 2019.

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