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What is SeedWorks?

SeedWorks is an agile development lab at PushPush. It is an open-source incubator and project accelerator, which is operated by and for those who use it.

What is an incubator/accelerator?

To start, all projects are managed under the PushPush non-profit umbrella and adhere to the legal guidelines of non-profits. This is the Incubator phase. Here, you can experiment and gestate your project, or scrap it and start a new one, without commercial pressure. In SeedWorks, we are not working toward the master project, but toward a Proof of Concept. 

Along the way, we can and do encourage investors, funders, patrons, and other stakeholders to get involved in the Incubation process to develop relationships and build trust with SeedWorks creators so that when they do choose to invest, they may do so confidently and with lowered risk.

What do you mean by “open-source”?

What we mean is that in the SeedWorks lab there’s a process for change and growth. It means that we don’t have all the answers upfront, by design, and that you have access to the source “code” in order to make changes or to branch off and use the process for your own purposes. It also means that if you have an idea of how SeedWorks should change, you can propose it, and if it gets traction, it can get adopted into use. 

Another way to think about open-source is that we make the source of every project available to users on some level. The source code here is the decision-making process, the planning steps, and the goals for the work. Users can take the information provided and add to, adjust, and collaborate on a variety of levels. Creators do not need to open-source all aspects of their work but benefit from partnerships, information, and resources when they do. 

What is a Proof of Concept?

A proof-of-concept or POC is a preliminary work or presentation that shows investors and other supporters aspects of a proposed artwork, film, or other production so that they can better visualize how it will seem when completed. The POC also allows the creator to better answer questions regarding the processes needed, the collaborative team needs, and other concerns related to budget, production timelines, and/or marketing and distribution needs. 

Who is SeedWorks intended for?

SeedWorks is for:

  1. Artists & creators
  2. Arts lovers and supporters
  3. Arts patrons and investors
  4. Arts organizations & partners

The program is ideal for mid/advanced-career artists who are currently working on a project and in need of support. But it is also helpful to early-career artists.

Anyone who wants to create or to support someone who creates. SeedWorks is particularly geared towards mid-to advanced career-level artists of any kind who want to gain progress on a project by putting it through the SeedWorks incubation process. However, newer artists, those who do not consider themselves an “artist,” and those with projects that they do not consider “artistic projects” are also encouraged to participate in SeedWorks. SeedWorks is meant for anybody wishing to put in work towards a project-oriented goal, regardless of whether they have that goal clearly defined yet.

Do I need to already be working on a project to join the SeedWorks program?

Nope! Those who have not yet started on a project, do not yet have an idea for a project or want to find someone to collaborate with on a project of theirs are also welcome to participate. 

What is the objective of the SeedWorks incubation process?

The objective of the SeedWorks process is for participants to reach their self-defined project goals. Besides completing the project, these goals often include finding some type of commercial investment/compensation for that project.

What can SeedWorks do for me that I can’t do for myself?

SeedWorks connects to both internal and external resources. 

What is the internal: focus, blocks, clarity, facilitation, feedback, accountability. 

What is the external: things you need to get it done, from collaborators to stuff, space, equipment, presentation help, or grant help. We’ve honed it over 20+ years. 

What if I start participating in SeedWorks and want to quit?

You can leave the program at any time, but we strongly recommend giving it 90 days to fully experience what the SeedWorks incubation process has to offer.

How much does it cost?

Coming soon. SeedWorks is not free. We are working with our stakeholders to determine a fair and equitable pricing scale.

Do I have to give anything back?

That’s the idea. This is a sharing game, to some degree. But you are not obligated. The more you work it the more it works. With your particular experience, you have things to give that others may be having a hard time finding. 

What makes SeedWorks unique?
We are:

  1. Artist-led — we ask the artist, we don’t tell the artist. (Self-directed)
  2. Open-source — we open a project’s source code through planning presentations. (We open a project’s possibilities by offering flexible resources and a safe place for experimentation and exploration of creative works)
  3. Long-term — we are a slow-growth incubation process. (Self-directed artists drive their own work, including the pace and flow of that work)

What’s the difference between SeedWorks and PushPush?

SeedWorks is a program at PushPush — it is our process for incubating new ideas in arts and culture.  

(Other PushPush programs include Dailies Film and Video, The Portal International Exchange, and SmallTall Youth Program.)


  • An opportunity for creators to access PushPush’s programming, space, marketing, and other resources.
  • A clear and open, 8-step process that will help creators take an idea from inception through articulation, feedback, and planning — all the way to presenting a Proof-of-Concept. POC is the endpoint of the SeedWorks process. 
  • When artists in SeedWorks have built their Proof-of-Concept, the work can be presented to investors, funders, and production entities such as PushPush or to film companies, galleries, festivals, theaters, and etc. The SeedWorks documentation can be used to help transition proofs-of-concept to production.

SeedWorks is not a landlord, a production company, a non-profit organization nor a funder.


  • PushPush has brick-and-mortar space and is making it available through the SeedWorks process. 
  • PushPush has grants. SeedWorks can also apply for grants or partner with PushPush on grants.
  • PushPush is a 501c3. SeedWorks can work under the umbrella, without incorporation, or SeedWorks can also apply to be incorporated ourselves. 
  • Any idea, change, or expansion of the relationship can be offered as a SeedWorks offering or at a CHB (Community Habit Board) meeting. 

What is a CHB?

Community Habit Board. This is our agile process for structural changes to the SeedWorks process.

So you give me whatever resources I need?

SeedWorks artists have the opportunity to make use of offered and available resources but no resource is to be assumed. The more we all participate in the program, the more opportunities will become available.

What is the Common Project?

There is a current offering to develop a long-term, multi-disciplinary project that will be an experiential ticketed event. This offering is a SeedWorks project and is open to all SeedWorks creators. More information will be made available soon; sign up for our email list to make sure you don’t miss out.