Got an idea you want to get over a hump or level up?

The SeedWorks Lab incubator uses an artist-driven 8-step process to develop original ideas and content.

The best way to get started is to come to a meeting, or call/Zoom if accessibility is an issue. Every Monday is SeedWorks Open Workshop from 7:30-9:00pm at the PushPush Arts hub.

To stay up to date and connect with your fellow SeedWorkers, sign up for the mailing list, join the SeedWorks Facebook Group, and join the SeedWorks Slack Team. Introduce yourself!

The 8 steps of the SeedWorks incubator process are:

  1. IPO (Initial Project Offering)
  2. 8 Questions
  3. 1-1-1 Descriptions
  4. 5-5-5 Deep Dive
  5. Making a Plan
  6. Teambuilding
  7. Build Proof of Concept (POC)
  8. Get on the Menu

Each step of the process is documented in a sharable Project Worksheet Google Doc.

Documentation is crucial to not only track progress and accountability but to offer a project’s provenance to potential investors, thereby increasing trust, and for onboarding new collaborators and partners.

STEP 1 – The IPO

Who: Any creator (aka artist) can submit a proposal to SeedWorks for a project or an aspect of a project that can benefit from the involvement or collaboration of other creators.

What: Send an email to with the Subject “IPO – Artist Name – Project Name” and include a brief description of your project or idea.

When: Any time you’re ready. A project doesn’t need to be fully formed to benefit from the SeedWorks process.

Where: SeedWorks is headquartered in the PushPush Arts building in College Park, GA and is focused on advanced Atlanta-area artists. However, it is by no means limited to this geographic region. We have many SeedWorks artists in cities around the globe who participate.

Why: The IPO is designed to be an anti-application. There is no fee to apply and no gatekeeping. The IPO serves to document the start of your SeedWorks process, which will continue at your own chosen pace for at least three months.

STEP 2 – 8 Questions

Who: You and a SeedWorks Founding Member.

What: A Founding Member will take your IPO and use that to create a set of eight questions that cover clarity concepts (for example, how did you get here, what are your future plans, what do you need, what can you offer, etc.) but are tailored to your specific IPO.

The idea is that your answers to the 8 Questions would be substantive enough for another person to read it and be able to tell a third person a pretty good description of your project.

When: Usually within a week of receiving your IPO, a Founding Member will write up your 8 Questions and send it to you. If you don’t hear from us in a reasonable amount of time (sometimes tasks pile up as we balance SeedWorks service with our professional and personal lives) send a note to Take as much time as you need to finish.

Where: Look for the 8 Questions in the email account from which you sent your IPO.

Why: From the Project Worksheet: One of the goals of SW is to connect you with supporters, resource providers, investors, and/or patrons. There will be questions to address. How is totally up to you. Writing, speaking, videotaping, having help, and many other ways. These questions start a deeper dive and over the coming months, we hope that our ability to do this essential part of the process will get better and better. 

While you get better at bringing clarity to your intentions, we also get better at supporting your own vision and becoming a strong ally in the effort. 

For now, feel free to respond to as many questions as you want and take all the time you need. Our intention, again, is to go deeper. To that end, if we can help in any way, please let us know.

STEP 3 – 1-1-1 Descriptions

Who: You.

What: 1 page, 1 paragraph, 1 sentence. From the 8 Questions answers, you begin to cobble together a one-page description of your project and what you will need to make it a reality (resources, funding, partners, etc.). From this one-pager, cut it down to a clear single-paragraph elevator pitch of what you’re doing and needing. From all this, boil it down to one clear line description; a logline.

When: Once you’ve finished Step 2.

Where: Your Founder Facilitator (the one who sent you the 8 Questions) will get you set up with a Project Worksheet Google doc, and a private channel in our Slack team for communication and collaboration.

Why: These descriptions help further clarify your vision, as well as helping you to prepare a 5-minute presentation for Step 4’s Deep Dive.

This step may be repeated as often as necessary.

STEP 4 – 5-5-5 Deep Dive

Who: You and your fellow SeedWorkers and Founding Members.

What: 5-minute presentation, 5-minute moderator questions, 5-minute audience questions. The presentation’s format is up to you.

When: Upon completion of the previous steps.

Where: At PushPush Arts (or other agreed-upon location).

Why: The Deep Dive serves a couple of purposes on your road toward project clarity. One, it gets you practice time talking about your project. Two, it provides an opportunity for you to narrow in on what aspect of your project you are putting through SeedWorks. This will most likely NOT be a presentation about your overall project, but what particular thing or things you’re looking for to move your project to the next level. Three, it provides an entry point for potential collaborators and resource offers.

You may repeat this Deep Dive as often as necessary throughout the process.



At this point, you’ll be well on your way and Founding Members will work with you to put together the remaining steps toward your Proof of Concept, and to rework previous steps to increase project clarity.


Email, post on the SeedWorks Facebook Group, or stop by PushPush Arts for any of our events or our weekly SeedWorks Mondays open workshops and learn how SeedWorks can work for you.