Information for creators interested in participating in the initial SeedWorks Lab Residency Program at the new PushPush College Park Hub

NOTE: Spaces are going fast! Contact for questions or to schedule a tour.

Our goal with the PushPush CP Hub is to use the framework of our SeedWorks Lab in partnership with mid-career artists to create an intentional community of creators.

Exterior facade of PushPush Arts building


This document will outline the general agreements and details for artists interested in leasing a private or shared studio space or co-working space at the new PushPush College Park Hub located at 1805 Harvard Ave, College Park, GA 30337.


  • Floorplan layout for floors 2 and 3

    Floorplan for floors 2 and 3.

    11 private studios with full HVAC available immediately

    • 2 medium studios available for $350/month
    • 8 large studios available for $500-600/month
    • 1 extra-large studio for $750/month
  • Coworking and shared space starting at $100/month
  • Remaining studios will become available on a rolling basis.
    • 27 private or shared studios in total.
  • Directly across the street from the College Park MARTA station.
  • Ample parking.
  • Across the tracks from shops, restaurants, and cafes on Main St.
  • Common space use outside of the private studios is available for meetings, presentations, peer-learning and more.
  • Spaces secured and insured.


Being a resident comes with excellent opportunities, including—but not limited to:

  • Participation in events and workshops; paid, apprentice and volunteer opportunities; first consideration for commissions and teaching jobs; connection to national and overseas artists, mentors, potential collaborations, and other offerings.
  • Ability to lead paid workshops, offer mentor/mentee opportunities, and more.
  • Ability to attend events at the space, use resources, labs, and property for your project exploration.
  • Access to a vast network of artists locally, nationally and abroad through PushPush’s extensive Portal International Exchange Program.
  • Access to the SeedWorks/PushPush Partnership and Resource Network.
  • Participation is open source—there are multiple entry points and everyone has access to the source material.
  • Coming soon:
    • Lounge
    • Performance/screening venue
    • Gaming Cafe
    • Workshop (tools and equipment available for residents)


  1. Resident leases are available for advanced-level* professionals in any artistic or cultural discipline.
  2. These leases are available for a two-month trial period. If all terms of the trial lease have been met the artist may renew the lease for a one- or two-year period.
  3. Residents will agree with the basic mission of PushPush and be willing to meet approximately once a week** with fellow residents.
  4. First-month rent and one-month security deposit will be paid, with following monthly lease payments due on the anniversary of the first payment.
  5. Residents agree to abide by a Cultural Agreement that fosters agility and trust as cornerstones and outlines our vision that responsibility begets resources and opportunity, and funnels projects, goals, and careers forward.

*Advanced-level means creators with a significant body of work and ability to work with 10 mentees/partners/team members per year.

**There will be at least three opportunities per week residents can choose from at one-hour each. Missing one a month or sending a proxy is possible with advance notice. These meetings are to discuss common efforts, space updates, benefits, resources, and other arts-related business.

We are making every effort to make space affordable, comfortable, and sustainable through educational offerings, paid art commissions, teaching opportunities, and more.

Leased space is rent-controlled upon signing.


Or call 404-277-9963


Sundays at 6pm – 7pm.

Nov 3 through Dec 22nd. Free and open. Come when you can. Learn, suggest, plan.

Note: You do not need to be a Resident renting a studio to participate in the Common Project, nor do you need to participate in the Common Project to rent a studio.

A key component of this new arts space is our goal to create a campus-wide common project that will be presented as a destination arts event for the entire city and beyond. We will spend a year creating this large scale, multi-room, immersive show using film, art, performance and more — all in collaboration to tell a single story. In the coming months, we will explore several of SeedWorks’ offerings to find the best framework for the teams to begin their collaboration.

Project ideas already submitted and to be discussed in more detail:

— Elephant in the Room. This original script by College Park native, Sahr Ngaujah (Luke Cage, House of Payne, Broadway’s Moulin Rouge! And Fela!) along with Jean Marie Keevins (Jim Henson Studios) tell the epic story of a young immigrant girl and her new life in American with nothing to remember her African past except the three toy elephants she’s brought along on her journey. Lion King meets An Inconvenient Truth.

— METAMERICA. An experiential arts experiment proposed by Nathan Sharratt. METAMERICA is an immersive and multidisciplinary artistic experience centered on the idea that reality is fluid and defined not by static empirical data, but by perception, environment, and projected experience. America is a geographic and political region, but within its borders, people often live very different realities thanks to filter bubbles, confirmation bias, and more.

— Seethroughme. An enlightening journey through the sexual and spiritual influences of young girls by College Park native, Shelby Hofer.

— Dirt. Human trafficking is a growing problem, especially right here in Atlanta. This original script by Atlanta native, Deborah Kampmeier (Split, Hounddog, Queen Sugar) will shed light on the underworld of selling human beings in modern America.

— Heroine. is an original series by Tim Habeger and Shelby Hofer that reflect the struggles of the creative class in today’s Atlanta. Centered on the headquarters of a fictional international book company whose staff, writers, illustrators, and friends fight to keep the lights on while creating original works of fiction and more. The series’ weekly episodes are based on real stories from Atlanta’s own creative people who are introduced through portrayals, guest appearances, and current work. The show is a platform for creative artists. It’s a digest of what we have to offer and our national and international partnerships. It’s a new kind of show created by and for culture makers of all kinds and the fans who follow current trends.

— All for One. is an original series by Seedwork’s member, Ruth Hernandez. Four women take the law into their own hands when faced with a rapist who gets a slap on the wrist sentence. Pursued by a veteran detective, Carmen Olvia who finds herself torn between the letter of the law and the spirit of justice. To be told in multiple rooms throughout the space as an exploration of gender inequality, criminal justice, and equal opportunities in the film and television industry.