December 15 – December 21, 2019

  • 12/15 SUNDAY
    • 2-7 Artists Market and Studio Tours. Free and open. Get cool gifts of art for your family including paintings, acting and music lessons, t-shirts, painting lessons and more.
    • 3-6 Savory Sundays, featuring Vegetopia
    • 6-7 Common Project Meeting. Discuss ways to get involved in upcoming art, theater, film and music projects. Current project: Juan Mayorga’s “Way To Heaven”
  • 12/16 MONDAY
    • 5-7 Gallery hours. Free.
      • Keith Wisdom: Junkanoo Inspired – 3rd Floor Galleries
      • Art:Crate Artists – 2nd Floor Common Spaces
    • 6-7 Structure Sessions for Writers.
    • 7:30 Seedworks Open Meetings

PushPush Calendar


OPEN CALL FOR ACTORS and other ARTS PEOPLE young and older.

As part of Holocaust Remembrance Day January 2020, we are creating an immersive, all-arts experience based on the hauntingly original play, Way to Heaven (Himmelweg) by Juan Mayorga.

In 1942, a Nazi concentration camp 30 miles north of Berlin, created a fake news story to hide what was actually happening. They invited Red Cross inspectors to tour their camp while the Jewish prisoners were forced to present “a play” depicting the camp as self-governed and supportive of the families held there. A week later all 100 participants in “the play” were sent to their death at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

PushPush is an award-winning arts organization with partners in LA, Chicago, Berlin. We are a unique arts organization that challenges creative people to use their voice, cross disciplines, and to dig deep.

How to get involved


Sundays at 6pm – 7pm.

We are a company begun by actors wanting more than occasional out-sourced work. We wanted a greater voice and to have a chance to connect the dots in our in our career choices. We start simply and grow from there. This is a first step.

We are always open regardless of race, gender preference, age or other factors.

Shareable Google Doc Info Sheet for Way To Heaven



artist market flyer for pushpush arts


Every Sunday from Nov 17 through Dec 15 from 2 – 7pm.

We are setting up tables and welcoming the College Park/Atlanta community to come inside our new PushPush Arts Center for a unique Holiday Artists’ Market. Rather than ordering on Amazon, consider a unique gift of original art. We have works from $5 to $1500. Come inside to see the wonderful work on display and learn more about what PushPush Arts and SeedWorks has to offer. 

1805 Harvard Ave. College Park, GA 30337 Free parking. 404-277-9963 (Tim) or 404-824-1840 (Nate) for more info.

Information for vendor artists…

Flyer for Rasadon the Artist's Artist Proofs Pop-Up, Sunday December 15th, 2pm-7pm at PushPush Arts


Plenty of wall and display space available. This is a market created by artists and we’re trying to build something the community can all afford and respect. Tables are free. 10% commission on sales under a $100 and 20% commission on sales over $100.

Paintings, Photography, Arts Classes, Podcasts, Streams,
Acting Sessions, Jewelry, Commodity Art, Clothing, and more!

You don’t have to stay or even be there. You can drop work off and set up a table on your own time. We will have a card reader and run sales through PushPush (501c3) if you don’t have a reader.

Tell your network and help get some quality work that will attract some investors, buyers, and new fans of Atlanta’s arts community.



Mondays at 7:30pm – 9:00pm.

Free and open to all. Come ask questions and learn about how SeedWorks can work for you.



Sundays at 6pm – 7pm.

Nov 3 through Dec 22nd. Free and open. Come when you can. Learn, suggest, plan.

A key component of this new arts space is our goal to create a campus-wide common project that will be presented as a destination arts event for the entire city and beyond. We will spend a year creating this large scale, multi-room, immersive show using film, art, performance and more — all in collaboration to tell a single story. In the coming months, we will explore several Seedworks’ offerings to find the best story for the teams to begin their collaboration.

Project ideas already submitted and to be discussed in more detail: 

 — Elephant in the Room. This original script by College Park native, Sahr Ngaujah (Luke Cage, House of Payne, Broadway’s Moulin Rouge! And Fela!) along with Jean Marie Keevins (Jim Henson Studios) tell the epic story of a young immigrant girl and her new life in American with nothing to remember her African past except the three toy elephants she’s brought along on her journey. Lion King meets An Inconvenient Truth.

METAMERICA. An experiential arts experiment proposed by Nathan Sharratt. METAMERICA is an immersive and multidisciplinary artistic experience centered on the idea that reality is fluid and defined not by static empirical data, but by perception, environment, and projected experience. America is a geographic and political region, but within its borders, people often live very different realities thanks to filter bubbles, confirmation bias, and more. 

Seethroughme. An enlightening journey through the sexual and spiritual influences of young girls by College Park native, Shelby Hofer. 

Dirt. Human trafficking is a growing problem, especially right here in Atlanta. This original script by Atlanta native, Deborah Kampmeier (Split, Hounddog, Queen Sugar) will shed light on the underworld of selling human beings in modern America. 

Heroine is an original series by Tim Habeger and Shelby Hofer that reflect the struggles of the creative class in today’s Atlanta. Centered on the headquarters of a fictional international book company whose staff, writers, illustrators, and friends fight to keep the lights on while creating original works of fiction and more. The series’ weekly episodes are based on real stories from Atlanta’s own creative people who are introduced through portrayals, guest appearances, and current work. The show is a platform for creative artists. It’s a digest of what we have to offer and our national and international partnerships. It’s a new kind of show created by and for culture makers of all kinds and the fans who follow current trends. 

All for One is an original series by Seedwork’s member, Ruth Hernandez. 4 women take the law into their own hands when faced with a rapist who gets a slap on the wrist sentence. Pursued by a veteran detective, Carmen Olvia who finds herself torn between the letter of the law and the spirit of justice. To be told in multiple rooms throughout the space as an exploration of gender inequality, criminal justice, and equal opportunities in the film and television industry.

Documentary Screening Nights 

Next Screening Coming Soon

Free and all are welcome.

Social Muscle Club


An enthralling game interspersed with performances, Social Muscle Club is a new kind of entertainment from one of our Portal International Exchange groups. Each table examines the offers and requests, with no request or offer being too crazy or insignificant. In between the game, there’s food and entertainment. It’s a fast and fun evening for all ages. Bring your in-laws and the kids for one of the most magical and inspiring events they will ever experience!